Wink Buttercup Threader Earrings – Minutiae Series


The story of why the Buttercup came to be is a very sweet tale. According to the first story, Buttercup got its name in the honor of Ranunculus, a young man with a beautiful voice. Ranunculus sang one day to the wooden nymphs in order to impress them, but he exhausted himself to death and fell to the ground. In honor of his beautiful voice, a small flower that grew on the place where he died, got the name after him.

Another story explains a different origin to the name of Buttercup flower. Supposedly, cows that used to eat or graze on the Buttercup flowers used to give the sweetest milk out of all.

A proper wildflower, the Buttercup flower symbolizes neatness because of its fine lines and neatly organized flower petals. They also symbolize childishness and immaturity. This is related to their bright colors and size. This flower also symbolizes humility because of its appearance. Buttercup might not be as extravagant as some other flowers, they still attract attention with their simplicity and beauty.