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Some of you might have seen the blue tea doing its rounds where you squeeze in some lime in your tea and it turns pink! Its prevalently called the Blue Tea and is said to have a tonne of health benefits. ~
Few months ago, I came across this blue tea and realized I had these flowers blooming in my own garden. So, I gathered a bunch of them and set them out to dry. Madras known for its fervent heat, dried them out in a day, but I had forgotten about the whole mission. When I went back to check on it, I saw the cloth in which I set them to dry sport patches of dark and light blue.
The flowers had dried to crisp. I rolled the petals between my fingers and felt them turn to fine powder. I collected this in a little pill box and ran to the studio to test my theory. ~
I used the resin and hardener with the thickest viscosity in a small palette, mixed some of the peapod powder and mixed it for over 15 mins straight. You see the little drops of blue in this earring – that’s the peapod pigment! It’s uneven but that is probably because the ~
This led me to wonder what other flower with vibrant colours could lend itself to natural colouring as opposed to the synthetic ones that aren’t very eco-friendly.


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