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This is by far the most loved flower in our inventory. And it’s understandable. I mean look at it.
But this series is more to do with how we’ve incorporated natural pigments into jewellery.
The drops in this pair of earrings have been filled with thick, gooey dark blue resin mixture with the following weird concoction. ~
Ready for a weird concoction?
The blue from pea pod is far too light to match the deep blue of the Persian Jewel flower. So what do we do. ~
I used the purple cabbage juice. I squeezed out the juice, dehydrated it and mixed it with a LOT of peapod powder. By lot, I mean a spoonful. ~
This is horrifyingly messy and smelly, be warned. But look at the colour. So surreal. I love this shade of blue so much! It is like the midnight skies with stars.


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