Thiruvizha Juda Pin with Multicoloured Gemstones and A Riot of Flowers & Leaves


Thiruvizha translates to a grand festival – be it recreational, cultural or religious. A typical Thiruvizha in Madras involved a LOT of loud music, flashy lights and a tonne of floral decorations.

Garlands upon garlands will be strewn all around the venues. It certainly does make for a colourful sight.

This Juda pin or as we call it, Konda Oosi (hair bun pin) contains a honeysuckle (a native to hot areas), Ixora, Thulasi and Jasmine,

The stones used here Zoisite, Agate, Opalite and Malachite are intentionally placed to remind you of the flashy lights that are truly innate to any festival.

So, party in your hair anyone?