The Farmer’s Harvest Brass Cufflete


Cuff bracelets were worn as armours almost 7000 years ago in ancient Egypt and then by the Greeks. Since then, cuffs have taken on variations and changes though history. From Coco Chanel’s Maltese Cross Cuff to Jackie O’s Van Cleef Cuff – this ornament has played its role in History.

Our take on cuff is different. We wanted to create an armour of flowers, something to catch and hold attention but not distract, something that isn’t bling but something you cannot overlook.


The Harvest Cuff is an ode to farmers and farmlands across the world. The cuff itself has tiny elements from a local farm. Husks, seeds, pods, buds, flowers and dried grams.

We made this to signify how precious every little grain is to us. The work that goes into growing these could break anyone’s spine but not OUR farmers’.