SUNSET SKIES – Earrings – Pre-Order



It’s hard to parallel the colour of something from nature in a lab unless you use chemicals and synthetic materials to reproduce the vibrancy of it.
But as a student of textile, I studied how natural dyes could be used across mediums.
If peapod flowers could produce shades of such vibrant blues.. Then imagine the possibilities?
For this bougainvillea beauty, I used dehydrated beetroot juice. Drop some freshly squeezed and partially strained beet juice on to a metal plate and use a butane torch or just dry it out naturally in the sun. I used a torch because I was restless and needed to see if this would work in resin. The drops dry out in a flaky, powdery form. I added a very small pinch of salt so I’d get more out of a single drop. And voila! Beet powder. Albeit experimental, it works brilliantly. ~
I used extremely high viscous resin for these. The colours are highly vibrant with beets. When used in textile, without the right mordant, the bright pink of the beet fades over time. But in resin and in jewellery, its impossible because its sealed in. ~
You’re probably wondering why I’m turning into a witch with potions and experiments.. But it just makes sense to gradually move over to using natural materials when I am essentially fossilising botanicals. Mixing a synthetic with a natural element seems very off.