Snow Capped Mountain Peaks – Glass Necklace


Every year, we team up with an artist or craft whose story inspires us. We believe in ending the year with a heart full of gratitude and giving back to our community. On one of our metal sourcing trips, we came across Mr Raghunathan, a Gaffer (glass blower) who used to be a lab assistant. The lab equipment made of borosilicate fascinated him. Having a creative streak then, is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because the human soul thrives in creating or looking at art. A curse because sometimes chasing your dreams means leaving the comfort of financial security. 8 years ago, he taught himself how to make figurines out of blown glass and began exporting to other countries. His main market was international – which means the pandemic shut his studio don completely. Fortunately, he went back to working as a lab assistant, but his soul remained in his glassworks. We acquired some of his smaller pieces to bring to you the sheer intricacy of his glasswork. The magnitude of work that goes into each piece is incredible. We are listing the few designs we managed to find in his now closed studio to make a weary, 52-year-old man believe in his craft all over again.

This is only the first of many collaborations we have planned with our glassmith.