POLLINATORS – A Tribute to our Bees – Earrings – Pre-Order


Yellow natural dyes? That’s easy right? Turmeric!
But no. Not as simple. To search for an alternative to the synthetic yellow that’s vibrant and opaque doesn’t end with just turmeric. I dappled with some copperpods that are in plenty at the moment and some goldenrods as well.
What eventually brought out the colour of the daisy used in this pair of earrings is a combination of turmeric, powdered golden rod (very little because its flaky), saffron powder and copper pod powder.
I didn’t want the yellow to be transparent since its such a bold happy colour – there’s no need to hold back on this.
I have to admit, this was a happy accident but I’m glad I remember the ratio.

Funfact – 85% of the world’s flowering plants depend on bees for pollination.


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