Oddiyanam | Hip Belt | Vaddanam with Panner Rose, Vedchi, Saamandhi and Malli. This can also be used as a Statement Necklace


The hip belt or commonly known as Oddiyanam or Vaddanam is the biggest and heaviest ornament worn by South Indian women.

The history of this ornament goes far back. in olden days it held significance as it was a symbol of the woman’s child bearing abilities.

But the modern woman wears it to hold the saree together (probably) and to give the added shape to her body,

this hip belt features the queen of all fragrant roses – the Panner rose.

It is the first fragrance that hits you when you walk into any traditional celebration. the rose in various tones of pink is the central piece of the Oddiyanam. Flanking the rose are the fun little Saamandhi flowers aka Chrysanthemums. Next to them are the ixoras or vedchi poo and then closing them all in are the jasmines.

The belt is made of pure brass and linked together in 3 gauge metal thickness for strength. The ends can be secured with the thick suede cord we provide which can be knotted together as tightly as you require.

We’ve also added crystal beads to the ends for that extra drama and femininity. They move gracefully with your hips.

The great part about this necklace is that you don’t have to wear it ONLY as a hip belt. As shown in the pictures, you can also wear it as a statement necklace. Show it off. Be that trend setter. Make this bold move.

They’re flowers in the biggest ornament worn by a woman. Let’s go all out on these.