New Savannah Ring



Fusion rings are meant to bring you a culmination of flowers and their symbolisms in an aesthetic manner.

Once this goes on your finger, we believe you’ll find yourself smiling more often because that is the real power of nature’s spiritual aspect.

Phlox Drummondi flowers symbolize good partnership, harmony, and represents sweet dreams.

This flower is colloquially called “Twinkle” because of the shape of the petals.

Found in a lot of tropical countries, this blood red flower has become one of the most decorative pants to adorn any landscape.

African tales tell us that the pigment from these flowers were used as war marks across their chest. The colour of the blood on their chest denotes their bravery in warfare.

Quite the contrary to their spiritual symbolism, right?

But that is the beauty of flowers, each era or age gives them all different connotations and they are all just as beautiful as the other.


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