Magical Whole Dandelion Globe Necklace *Not Applicable for Spring Sale*


On my many walks in the African countryside, this last final morning, when I found a field of dandelions remains my most favorite. It was a dewy morning, when I woke up achy from the long flight. I decided to walk it off, donned my shoes and shivered when the chilly Nairobian air touched my skin. The terrain being mostly elevated, warmed me up immediately as I picked up my pace. A kilometer or two into my walk, I stopped dead in shock when I came face to face with a field full of fully bloomed dandelions. I squeaked and looked around like a bambi on a highway because I couldn’t contain the joy.

I went on my knees and touched the wet little plant, felt its texture, admired its structure and reveled in its mundane beauty. I took my jacket off and started collecting the buds and half blooms. The fully bloomed dandies were only meant to be admired and wished upon. Always.

And here it is. The Dandelion, all way from a small town in Africa, encased and preserved in ALL its glory for you to wear around your neck, hang on a wall or simply hold in your hands and dream.


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