Lucky Clover in Glass Locket with Magnet Closure


Today, privacy seems like a rather large privilege does it not? To want to hold something special and private to us, close to us at all times, without letting the world know about it is a bit of a task sometimes. For some, it’s as simple as a tattoo, a graphic tee or mug. But for others, it’s a private memory, a stolen moment that we don’t want revealed.

So we came up with this concept of Concealed Memory Lockets. This Locket lets you store, paste or place anything – be it a picture of yourself or someone else or of a pet, a place, a flower, a stone, a small quote from a fortune cookie or a book, letter or just an inspirational quote that motivates you. Even a small tuft of fur, a dried leaf, a small stone – absolutely anything that makes you feel better goes into this locket.

According to Celtic lore, each leaf of clover represents something special. One leaf represents faith, one hope, one love and, and , if a fourth leaf is present, that’s luck. A lot of superstitions go around this herbaceous leaf, but the basic idea remains that it is a symbol of luck, not just in Ireland but all over the world. If you ever want to wish someone luck, you know what to give !