Soft Blue Hydrangea in Glass Locket with Magnet Closure


Today, privacy seems like a rather large privilege does it not? To want to hold something special and private to us, close to us at all times, without letting the world know about it is a bit of a task sometimes. For some, it’s as simple as a tattoo, a graphic tee or mug. But for others, it’s a private memory, a stolen moment that we don’t want revealed.

So we came up with this concept of Concealed Memory Lockets. This Locket lets you store, paste or place anything – be it a picture of yourself or someone else or of a pet, a place, a flower, a stone, a small quote from a fortune cookie or a book, letter or just an inspirational quote that motivates you. Even a small tuft of fur, a dried leaf, a small stone – absolutely anything that makes you feel better goes into this locket.

The name “hydrangea” was first coined in modern Latin in 1753 by Linnaeus. The word is a compound of the Greek words “hydr” (a stem of the word “hydor,” which means water) and “angeion,” which means “vessel.” The name is a testament to the cup-shaped seed pods of the flower. Blue Hydrangea symbolizes heartfelt emotions. It can be used to express gratitude for being understood.