Long Awaited – Persian Jewel Magical Natural Flower Earrings


Its delicate appearance belies its hardy, dependable nature. Pale as a baby flower, Persian Jewel matures to intense shades of violet, blue, white, and pastels in between. Each flower emerges from a tangle of lacy foliage. The flowers represent strong bonds formed over time.

All the flowers in our jewellery have a symbolic* and spiritual meaning. We believe in the intent behind everything Nature provides. It is an age old belief that Nature, particularly, flora, have healing abilities. Their colour, fragrance or simply just their visual impact calms the chaos in our minds. And in this day and age when everything is moving so fast, don’t you think us Millennials need this calm?

The Persian Jewel flower represent strong bonds formed over time. Hailing from the coasts of Ireland, these flowers are the most beautiful shade of Azure.