Ixora and Aster Fusion Ring



Fusion rings are meant to bring you a culmination of flowers and their symbolisms in an aesthetic manner.

Once this goes on your finger, we believe you’ll find yourself smiling more often because that is the real power of nature’s spiritual aspect.

Ixora, also known as the jungle flame, true to its name is a fiery red flower that is as beautiful as it is powerful. flower grows wildly and is also sold in markets or by florists. I buy my Ixora from the local Madras flower bazaar. It was one of the vendors in the market that told me the significance behind the beautiful Ixora. ancient Tamil literature mentions about soldiers wearing the flowers and leaves of this plant around their necks while going into battle. It is a strong symbol of Valor and gallantry! If you ever need to encourage someone or just tell them to be brave, the Ixora is the flower for you!


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