Everlasting Maroon Lotus Straw Flower Globe Necklace – Glass with Resin and Brass


In the middle of the lockdown, we were ideating a new collection for which we were sourcing flowers and leaves. 

At that time, we came across a very beautiful florist store. We loved their mantra – to add beauty to your everyday life. It aligned with us. 

I went ahead and bought a bouquet of these pretty straw flowers and later sat down to understand its symbolism. 

These flowers symbolise Eternity or Endlessness. 

Historians speak to the power and prestige of this plant, which has also been praised by herbalists for centuries. 

Preserved in resin inside a Glass Globe capped with a Brass fitting – this globe can be worn as a necklace or you could simply hang it in your homes at the entrance or in your balcony where you can watch the sunlight glint off the sparkly bubbles and petals. 


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