Bleeding Heart Choker – A Story of Strength – Pre-order


An unbelievably beautiful flower used throughout art history as a motif to depict female sensuality/sexuality/ strength of love.
Also used to depict the heart of a woman who is in love. Whose heart has been impaled and thus bleeds, but never stops loving.
History is full of symbols and hints. Most of these were done through motifs that were subtle enough to miss but not subtle enough to escape art historians.
The flower is a constant reminder of how a woman’s heart, no matter what role life has assigned to her is always beating with love. Love for herself, her partner, family, friends or a pet.
We made this choker with the intent of keeping alive the beauty of the flower – especially its form. The freshwater pearls? Well, they’re there to keep the drama alive.

Pre Order on March 8th – Women’s Day – and get a matching pair of earrings free with the choker. Only if ordered on March 8th


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