Allium Dream Juda Pin


Ever wanted to decorate your hair with flowers but found it to be too much to neatly arrange the flowers in your coiffured tresses?

We didn’t exactly find a solution but we are providing you with an alternative.

Flowers preserved in resin in the form of a Juda pin, anyone?

It adds the final touch of delicate elegance to your hair. It turns heads and starts conversations and from experience, we can tell you that its pleasure knowing there is a flower in your hair!


About the flower and its symbolism :

Onions, shallots and garlic are members of the Allium family that belong in the vegetable garden. Allium symbolizes good fortune and prosperity.

They can also mean unity, humility and patience. Also known as Onion Flowers, Alliums grow in several colours and have a very translucent quality.


At Alankaara, we’ve always used these flowers on their own, but a mix up of all these colurs brought about a very appealing visual treat!

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