Addigai or Attigai (Bib )Necklace with Kozhikondai, Saamandhi, Mulla and Thulasi. Peridot, Citrine, Pearls and Tigers eye.


Addigai necklace is a type of neckwear when in ancient Madras to indicate Royalty. Worn even today by many women, you won’t see a single wedding without spotting several of these type of necklaces.

They come in different metals, sizes and settings.

We borrowed this design to bring to you a fossilised version of it.

The pendant of this Addigai necklace features special and auspicious flowers.

Cockscomb, Chrysanthemum, Ixora, Thulasi and Jasmine. To add to the drama of this necklace, we also added royal gemstones. Peridot, petals, citrine and tigers eye.

Modern heirloom, ancient history,