Will the flower change colour or rot?

We follow the traditional drying method of pressing the flowers between books and in the case of fleshier flowers, we use a wooden flower press. The flowers will not lose their colour not will they rot because they’ve been completely dried out before being fossilized.

How long will the botanicals stay as they are?

Forever – with proper care and maintenance. Overexposure to sunlight or heat will turn the resin yellow because natural resin isn’t UV resistant like the synthetic ones

Will the hardware/chain lose colour?

They will fade with time – but a rub with cotton will make them shiney again. However, keeping them away from water and perume of any kind if advisable.

Can I preserve a flower of my own?

Yes, its easy. Press them between a hardbound book. Wrap it up tight in newspaper and send it across to our HQ in Madras and we will take it from there.

Are the flowers ethically sourced?

Some of our exotic flowers come from nurseries based out of Ooty and Munnar. The limited edition flowers are collection by hand when we go on travels. The more common flowers are bought from flower markets and florists. They are picked up only when they are fallen.